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Scene of Crime Kit

Scene of Crime Kit
Contents of Kit
S.NoItem Description
01Aluminum Foot Print Casting Frame
02Health/Bio Hazard Tape
03Digital Still Camera
05Set of Sealing Material (Candle, Wax etc.)
06Cello Tape with dispenser
07Evidence Sealing / Cartoon Tape
08Plastic Comb both side tooth
10Clip Board Plastic
11Cotton Roll
13Crime Scene Protection Tape
14Distilled Water
15EDTA Tube
16Evidence Tag
17Whatman Filter Paper
18Geometry Box
19Glass Marking Pen
20Hacksaw Blades with Handle
21Hammer with Handle
22Hydrogen Peroxide
Contents of Kit
S.NoItem Description
23Hypodermic Syringe
24Hand Lens
25Hair Spray Can
26Metal Forceps 12”
27Leocumalachite Green
28Plastic Forceps
29Measuring Tape 30 mtr
30Evidence Paper Envelopes
31Plastic Dropper
33Steel Scale
34Scalpel Handle with Blade
35Scene Evidence Numbers
36Screw Driver Set
37Steel Spatula
39SS Scissors
40Toilet Paper
41Tongue SS
42FTA Cards for Evidence Collection
43Casting Material
44Customized Carrying Case