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SOC Sketch and Measuring Kit

While photographs are useful, scale drawings of a crime scene can provide far more precise information pertaining to distances from objects in a room to the evidence and provide the judiciary with a bird's eye view of the crime scene.

There are 5 template options, ranging from traffic accident investigation to human figure sketching

Our plastic templates aid in these drawings by giving investigators correct proportion and uniformity in sketches.

Contents of the Kit: -
Clipboard with Drafter
Graduated Removable Straight Edge
Drafting Half Protractor
Drafting Full Protractor
Set Square
Bow Compass
Drafting Set of Pencil
Pack of Sketching Paper
Supply Storage pouch
Traffic Accident Template
House Furnishing Template
Office Plan Template
Crime Scene Template
Human Figure Template
Photo Evidence Numbers, 0 - 9
Folding Photo Evidence Ruler
Photo Numbers Booklet
Roll of L Shape Adhesive Scale
Vinyl Scale Set
Small Rigid Adhesive Photo Scale Set
Measuring Tape
Magnetic Compass
Digital Distance Measuring Device
5 mtr Steel Retractable Measuring Tape
100ft / 30 mtr Retractable Measuring Tape
Steel Scale