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  • 25 Government bodies are using our products.
  • Supplied 2400 Nos Crime Scene Investigation Kits.
  • Sold 2500 Kg Finger Print Powder.
  • Sold 7000 Nos Finger Print Brushes.

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Develops prints instantly. Easy to carry to the crime scene. Improves efficient and integrity of evidence gathering procedure. Easy to use, one-step process. Use at the crime or in the crime laboratory.

Cyanoacrylate Fuming Gun Kit
Instantly. That's how quickly you can develop latent fingerprints with this process. This is a portable, hand-held heat generator that instantly develops fingerprints on non-porous surfaces, including plastic, metal, enamel, varnished wood surfaces, cellophane, foils, plastic-coated papers and glass. Fitted with cartridges of ethyl Cyanoacrylate, also known as super glue. The wand heats the cartridge, which emits a vapor for fuming surfaces for latent prints. As a result, latent prints form a hard white substance, which can subsequently be dusted with fingerprint powder before lifting.
Item Description Specifications Quantity

      Item Description Specifications  
  • Heat Generator Fuming
Hand Gun Type  
  • Protective Head Cover
  • Butane Fuel Can
Small Bottle  
  • Cartridge Extraction Tool
  • Cyanoacrylate
Cartridges Pack of 10  
  • Carrying Case withCarrying Case Carrying Case with with
Hard Molded type  

Economy Fuming Chamber
With this new disposable type portable fuming chamber there's no more need for heavy aquariums or toxic tank cleaning chemicals. This lightweight, portable and disposable fuming system is ideal for use in the field or in the office. Designed for use incorporating all fuming procedures, especially well suited for use with the Cyano-process latent print developing system. The simple six-piece frame snaps together in seconds into its sturdy base, creating the framework for the preprinted disposable fuming bag. The crystal-clear fuming bags allow constant monitoring of the fuming process and eliminate messy cleanup simply throw the bag away when done.

Item Description
  • Heavy-duty base
  • 10” x 10” x 20” box shaped fuming area
  • 15 Preprinted disposable fuming bags
  • Sturdy, lightweight aluminum frame
  • Four evidence clips
  • Carrying Pouch


Fuming Cabinet & Heat Chamber
Develop latent fingerprints with ninhydrin, iodine, ammonium sulfide and thyrocyanic acid in our laboratory fuming and heat chamber, which is constructed of vinyl-coated aluminum. The chamber's chrome-steel heating element is corrosion-resistant, and all hardware is rustproof. Sliding brackets make cleaning easy.

These units are designed for the processing of fingerprints with ninhydrin, iodine, and cyanoacrylates in the laboratory setting. Temperatures are controlled by solid state digital temperature controller. The chamber features a 250-watt, corrosion-resistant strip heater and two support rods with evidence clips for hanging documents to be processed. Unit has front and back glass panels for clear visibility while processing.

This chamber features a clamp-on chamber lid for improved management of fumes. Chambers are supplied with ninhydrin spray, iodine crystal ampoules, ninhydrin fixative, iodine print enhancers, disposable fuming trays and a watch glass. Some minor assembly is required.


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