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  • 25 Government bodies are using our products.
  • Supplied 2400 Nos Crime Scene Investigation Kits.
  • Sold 2500 Kg Finger Print Powder.
  • Sold 7000 Nos Finger Print Brushes.

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Expert should always take proper precautions when using chemicals. These chemicals can be hazardous if used improperly. Always keep chemicals in the recommended storage areas.

Iodine Kit

Iodine processing is used to develop prints that contain oils and fatty deposits. Iodine has been shown to be very useful on fresh prints found on porous surfaces such as paper and cardboard. Iodine fumes will produce a temporary yellow-brown print. Prints must be fixed immediately after processing because they will begin to fade. Always remember to photograph the developed prints.

Item Description & Specifications

  • Iodine Crystal 20 Gm

  • Iodine Fuming Gun Glass Model

  • Glass Wool Small Case

  • Calcium Chloride Small Bottle

  • Transfer Plates Silver

  • Plate Polisher Reagent

  • Carrying Case Hard


Hot Box
Flat-out (or hot-out) this Hot Box is an incredible help with fuming. Heating super glue too high can give off toxic fumes and damage evidence. Our slim Fuming Hot Box is set at just the right temperature to make sure you get your prints without fear of noxious fumes or unusable evidence. Includes 10 disposable aluminum reservoirs.


Ninhydrin Kit and Spray
Ninhydrin is used for the development of latent fingerprint on porous surfaces such as paper, cardboard, and currency. This makes it an excellent choice for using on bad checks, letters, and suspected drug records. Ninhydrin produces a colored image ranging from orange to purple. Development can be accelerated by heat and humidifying the evidence.

Item Description & Specifications

  • Ninhydrin Crystal 2 Gm

  • Ninhydrin Solution 100 ml

  • Brush Set of Two

  • Aerosol Sprayer Plastic

  • Carrying Case Hard

  • Ninhydrin Spray


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