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  • 25 Government bodies are using our products.
  • Supplied 2400 Nos Crime Scene Investigation Kits.
  • Sold 2500 Kg Finger Print Powder.
  • Sold 7000 Nos Finger Print Brushes.

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  • Finger Print Basic Powders (50Gm each)                                    Black, Grey, White & Dual Purpose

  • Finger Print Fluorescent Powders (50Gm each)                           Green, Yellow, Orange & Red

  • Finger Print Magnetic Powders (100Gm each)                             Black, Grey, White & Dual Purpose

  • Finger Print Fluorescent Magnetic Powders (50Gm each)            Green  & Red

  • Finger Print Powder Atomizer (one)                                            Plastic Top Model

  • Finger Print Brushes (one each)                                                Feather Marabou, Feather Ostrich

  • Finger Print Brushes (one each)                                                 All Purpose Brush & Magnetic Applicator

  • Finger Print Lifting Tape                                                             1” & 2”             

  • Finger Print Lifters - 55mmX 75mm                                             Black, White & Transparent  (20 each)

  • Finger Print Backing Cards- 4” X 4”                                             Black and White (50 each)

  • Finger Print Round Pad (one)                                                     Ink Less 2” Dia

  • Finger Print Pre Inked Strips                                                       3” X 10” Pre Inked Strips (pack of 20)

  • Finger Print Iodine Kit                                                                Crystal, Gun, Glass Wool, Gloves

  • Finger Print Ninhydrin Kit                                                           Crystal, Sprayer, Solution

  • Finger Print Taking Kit                                                               Roller, Slab, Ink, Elimination Pad    

  • Finger Print Cadaver Kit                                                             Straightener, Spoon, Record Strips

  • Foot Print Kit (Casting & Electrostatic)                                       Frame, Plaster, Hardener, Electrostatic Device & Film

  • Gun Shot Analysis Kit                                                               Detects trace of nitrates gunpowder

  • Blood Detection Kit                                                                   Detecting and determining the blood is human or not.

  • Semen Detection Kit                                                                 Detecting semen presence.

  • Narcotic Detection Kit                                                               Detection of narcotic substances

  • Explosive Detection Kit                                                             Detection of explosive materials

  • Portable UV Light                                                                     Pocket Type

  • Magnifier                                                                                  Normal Round & Folding

  • Vials                                                                                       Vial Pack of 12

  • Preservative (100ml)                                                                 For preserving dead body skin samples.

  • Finger Print Softening Tissues                                                  Softening Tissue Pack of 20

  • Set of Evidence Collection Material                                           Pouches, Boxes & Jars

  • Set of Gloves                                                                          Latex, Cotton, Heavy Duty (one each)

  • Set of Body Protective (one each)                                             Dust Mask, Head Cover & Overshoes |

  • Set of Tools (one each)                                                           Scissor, Scalpel, Tweezers, Measuring Tape

  • Soap, Towel (one each)



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