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The identification of bullet holes and of marks produced by projectiles may be very important in the investigation of criminal cases involving the use of firearms. Such bullet-holes are usually characterized by the presence of metals (mainly lead and copper), originat in margins of these from the bullet's outer surfacehole alone can oftens, in the holes. The morphology of the lead to erroneous results.


Objective :
The identification of bullet holes on various surfaces.Lead and copper are the main components of bullet cores and jackets. A chemical method can be applied for the detection of metals deposited by the bullet at the margin of the suspected bullet hole.

BTK (Bullet hole Testing Kit) a portable laboratory for the rapid identification of bullet holes.The BTK, with its sensitive, simple, rapid, precise and reliable operation, revolutionizes the field task of scene of crime units in the identification of bullet holes.
BTK enables simple, rapid and reliable identification of suspected bullet holes in the field.



  • Identification: the BTK is capable of identifying bullet holes caused by many types of bullets, namely lead, full metal
    jacket (FMJ), total metal jacket (TMJ) bullets, etc.

  • Direction: if the colored imaging of the hole is circular or elliptical, it is often possible to assess the direction from which the bullet was fired.

  • Caliber: The diameter of the projectile can be estimated from the diameter of the lead and the copper reactions color rings.
    The procedure does not preclude further laboratory analysis for shooting distance estimation, if required. It should be noted, however, that if a sample for primer discharge residue (PDR) particles from the hole margins is to be analyzed such a sample should be collected prior to the use of the BTK, and it won't interfere with the BTK results.

  • Economical: Each package contains 10 sets of kits, enabling one to examine scores of suspected holes.

Unequivocal Results:

  • There are no other known substances that react in the same colors.

  • Test results, in case of positive identification, are characterized by the appearance of colored rings clearly visible on the white background of the test paper.

  • The color produced reflects the shape of the hole while the area further away remains uncolored. It is therefore unnecessary to sample blanks.

  • It is possible to identify bullet holes on many types of targets and the identification is not biased by personal judgment.

Simple Use, Rapid Results:

  • The test takes 3 4 minutes from the time of sampling until final results are obtained, enabling quick screening of large numbers of suspected bullet holes.

  • Several bullet holes can be examined by one set of test tubes.

  • The kit has been designed for simplicity of operation, and can be used at the scene of crime by any technician or non scientific police officer with some basic training.

  • The BTK kit is operated very simply and includes a delivery device in each tube for efficient use.


  • The BTK is safe for the operator, as there is no direct contact with the chemicals used in the test.

  • All of the test reagents are contained within glass ampoules in specially designed protective plastic tubes.

  • The test is performed by applying a few drops of reagents on Benchkote paper (plastic backed filter paper).

Contents of Kit:

  • Instructions for use.

  • Forty crushable ampoules (10 sets of 4) protected by plastic mini tubes, filled with liquid reagents for the identification of bullet holes.

  • Test papers

  • Plastic bags for packing the positive test papers

  • Ruler for photography and a permanent pen

Shelf Life:
The reagents in the kit form are stable for a long period of time (guaranteed for three years ).

Proven Experience:
BTK has been successfully used by the various police departments worldwide.


Gun Shot Analysis:
Presumptive, on the spot testing at crime scenes for trace amounts of residues of nitrates on a suspected shooter's hands. Trace detection can give valuable information as to whether or not an individual has recently fired a weapon.

Gun Powder Particle Test Kit:

This is a fast, reliable field test for detection of trace nitrates found in gunpowder. When a weapon is fired, gunpowder is blown back in the direction of the shooter and trace amounts of these residues are deposited on the shooter's firing hand. Developed in a simple-to-use pouch format, it can be deployed without any specialized training or equipment and results appear in seconds. Complete, easy-to-use.


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