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Blood Detection Kit: All stains suspected of being blood should be chemically checked in the field, especially when their nature is doubtful. Field test of dried stains at the crime scene are often essential in locating and making preliminary presumptive of blood.

This kit contains all the essential equipment for blood testing in any field investigation situation. It has the advantage that it contains all conventional and modern methods material. All the necessary support equipment is included. The kit and accessory equipment are also suitable for laboratory use. Through the use of this kit, the field investigator can prove the presence or absence of blood. And also determine whether the blood detected is of human or not.

Item Description Specifications Quantity
Pipettes 3ml Bulb Disposable 12
Contact Filter Papers 1” X 2” (Pack of 100)  12
Whatman Filter Paper no: 1 Size 6” disc 01
Blood Stain Detection Tablets Normal Set 05
Blood Stain Detection Tablets Set (DNA Safe) 05
Human and Non Human Determination Strips 10
Benzedine Powder 25Gm 01
Leuco – Malachite Reagents 100ml 


Phenolphthalein Reagents 100ml 01
Hydrogen Peroxide 100ml  01
Bottle of Distilled water   100 ml 01
Bottle of Normal saline 100 ml 01
Blood Collection Tubes 10
Cotton Gauze Roll Small 05
Cotton Balls Packet 02
Aerosol Sprayer Plastic 02
Glass Slide Box 01
VDRL Slide Normal 06
Scissor Steel 03
Forceps Steel 03
Aerohead Needles Steel 06
Watchglass Size 3” 06
Spatula Steel 03
Pricking Needles (Pack of 10) 02
Hand Gloves Cotton 02
Hand Gloves Latex 06
Paper Envelopes Small 20
Evidence Identification Labels Crime Evidence 50

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