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This is a complete outfit for making exact reproductions of footprints on mud, sand, dirt and dust. It is excellent for field investigations. Casting material is finely ground for fast-setting and exact detailed reproduction. The kit is complete with application procedures and instructions.

Casting Process
Materials and supplies for casting footprint impressions at the crime scene is for exact reproduction of impression evidence. Resulting casts are rock-hard and require no reinforcement. Use this kit for recovery of impressions found in mud, sand and soil.

Electrostatic Process
One of the most overlooked forms of physical evidence at a crime scene is impression evidence, specifically dust print impressions. Many indoor crime scenes contain varying amounts of dust on different surfaces. That's where the Electrostatic Process of Lifting Foot Print comes in.



Master Foot Print Kit (Casting & Electrostatic)


1- No. Aerosol Spray Bottle, pack of 2
1- No. Spray Head, pack of 2
1- No. Dust and Dirt Hardener
1- No. Water Container
1- No. Flexible Mixing Bowl, 3 different sizes, 1 each
1- No. Spray Marking Paint Can
1- No. Measuring Tape, 3 mtr'
1- No. Steel Spatula
1- No. Disposable Pipette, pack of 20
1- No. Steel Mixing Spoon
1- No. Surface Brush
1- No. Tire and Footprint Casting Plaster, 5 kg
1- No. Wire Mesh Reinforcement, 3" 6", pack of 10
1- No. Casting Frame, Adjustable, 2mm X 50 mm X 350mm X 200 mm
1- No. Modeling Clay, 200 gm
1- No. Cast Saving / Packing Boxes, pack of 10
1- No. Evidence Tags, Pre-printed, pack of 50
1- No. Set of Evidence Rulers / Scales
1-No. Technical Instructions


1- No. Electrostatic Voltage Control Battery Operated Rechargeable Unit
1- No. Ground Plane Stainless Steel 250mm x 100mm x 2mm
1- No. Ground Plane Polycarbonate Insulating Sheet 6 inch x 12 inch
1- No. Film Roll for Lifting Dust Mark
1- No. Static Discharge Cable
1- No. Insulated / Wooden Handle Roller
1- No. Technical Information Packet


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