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  • 25 Government bodies are using our products.
  • Supplied 2400 Nos Crime Scene Investigation Kits.
  • Sold 2500 Kg Finger Print Powder.
  • Sold 7000 Nos Finger Print Brushes.

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Mikrosil Putty

Mikrosil™ Casting Material The Mikrosil™ casting material kit consists of two easy-to-use tubes, mixing pad and wooden spatula. The large tube contains the putty material and the smaller tube contains the catalyst. Mikrosil™ is available in brown, gray, black and white. Brown and gray are preferred by many tool mark examiners while white and black can be used to lift dusted latent fingerprints from rough or textured surfaces.


Electrostatic Dust Print Lifting Kit

The output voltage of this instrument can be continuously adjusted between 8KV and 30KV. The user can decide the voltage according to the thickness of the dust on the ground. Low voltage should be used when the dust on the ground is thick while high voltage should be used when the dust on the ground is thin. With some related experience accumulated after a period of application, the user can achieve the optimum lifting effect with the options provided by the instrument.

Item Description

  • Electrostatic Voltage Control Unit
  • Ground Plane- Steel
  • Ground Plane Polycarbonate Insulating Sheet
  • Metalized Pickup Mats in protective tube
  • Mat Roller
  • Static Discharge Cable
  • Molded Carrying Case


Foot & Tire Print Casting Kit

This kit contains all the supplies you'll need to cast footprints and tire prints as well as other impressions in the dirt, sand ,mud and snow . This complete outfit is used for making exact reproductions of footprints and tire prints in mud, sand and dirt. Casting material is finely ground for fast -setting and exact detailed reproduction.

Item Description Specifications  
Foot Print Frame Aluminum 14” x 6” x 2”  
Dirt Hardener 200 ml  
Flexible Mixing Bowl (dish) Different Sizes 3 Nos.  
Spatula Steel  
Mixing Spoon Steel  
Measurement Tape Small  
Evidence Tag Pre Printed (Pack of 50)  
Wire Gauge 4” x10” (Pack of 20)  
Casting Material 2.5 Kg Top Grade  
Aerosol Sparer Plastic  
Water Can 1 Ltr  
Silicon Spray One Bottle  
Disposable Pipettes Pack of 12  
Spray to Mark Evidence Area One Bottle  
Surface Brush Normal  
Molding Clay 50 GM  


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