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BLUESTAR FORENSIC® is a new reagent that lminesces bloodstains that have been washed, wiped off, ualtered, diluted or that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye.

  • Most effective blood revealer on the market.

  • More effective than classic luminol.

  • Extremely sensitive. Detects bloodstains down to 1:10,000 dilutions.

  • Stronger luminescence. Does not require total darkness to be visible.

  • Does not alter DNA nor affect ABO typing

  • Works equally well on fresh or older, altered, or diluted stains.

Bluestar® Forensic Tablets

Use this more cost-effective form of Bluestar® for training purposes only. This version of Bluestar® will react the same as the regular version. However, it will affect DNA. This productoffers an economical way to train users without depleting the more costly fully active Bluestar® formula

Buestar® Forensic Tablets (DNA Safe)l

Choose between four pairs or eight pairs of individually sealed tablets. Each packet contains one reagent tablet and one catalyst tablet. Dissolve both tablets in distilled water and spray with a fine mist atomizer. Each pair will produce 125ml (4 oz) of solution. Eight pairs will produce l liter (32 oz).

Bluestar® Forensic Magnum

Bluestar® Forensic Magnum is three times more powerful than the
standard version. This formulation is designed for use in critical cases where minute traces of blood are sought. Even with its increased sensitivity and greater luminosity, the formula does not destroy DNA. Contains 125 ml (4 oz) of chemiluminescent solution, and one foil pack containing 3 tablets of oxidizer .This kit is ideal for use in crime scene investigations seeking to ascertain the presence of blood. The ready-to-use components consist of a 500ml (16 oz) hermetically-sealed bottle of chemiluminescent reagent, a fine mist atomizer, 3 catalyst tablets, and a user's manual.

Bluestar® Forensic Kit

The kit is ideal for use in crime scene investigations seeking to ascertain the presence of blood. The ready-to-use components consist of a 500 ml(16 oz) hermetically sealed bottle of chemilluminescent reagent, a fine mist atomizer, 3 catalyst tablets and a user's manual.

Bluestar® Forensic Mini Kit

The mini kit is ideal for use in quick searches and small areas. It is
ready to use with 2 125ml (4 oz) bottles of distilled water complete with vaporizer tops, and two pairs of Bluestar® Forensic tablets.

Hexagon OBTI
Immunochromatographic test for confirming the presence of human blood traces.

Screen for presence of human blood within 2 to 3 minutes. A two-part test consisting of a liquid-filled collection tube and a test strip denies or confirms the presence of human blood by a display of one or two blue lines.


  • Advantages over classic luminol :

  • Stronger luminescence

  • Longer lasting reaction

  • Higher sensitivity

  • Total darkness not required

  • Photos shot with ordinary camera

  • Fully soluble

  • Stable over time

  • Easy to use

  • Non-toxic


BLUESTAR Forensic is currently the most sensitive presumptive field test for blood. Invisible stains react immediately BLUESTAR Forensic, provoking an intense blue color luminescence (430 nm wave-length) visible to the naked eye in semi-darkness. Its 1: 100.000 sensitivity is such that it will detect blood in quantity much smaller than the minimum required to perform DNA typing. Only minute quantities of blood are needed for the reaction to occur. The luminescence that occur upon applying BLUESTAR® Forensic can be sprayed several times on the same area, making observation and picture taking easier. Evidential photographs can be taken with an ordinary camera, therefore eliminating the need for sophisticated photographic equipment.

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