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Investigating Officer Kit

Investigating Officer Kit

Everything an investigator’s team needs to locate, collect, process and package evidence at the scene. We like to consider it a culmination of our finest products. This kit give you the tools to attack any crime scene you may encounter. Comes in multiple cases / bags which makes this kit easily transportable.

S.NoItem Description
Narcotic Detection Detectors04 Test
Blood Stain Detection Tablets04 Test
Semen Stain Detection Spot Cards04 Test
Gun Shot Residue Tests04 Test
DLK for Foot Print Lifting01 no
Illuminated Magnifier01 no
Ratchet Screwdriver Set with Assorted Heads01 no
Set of Forceps01 no
Body Protectors - Dust Mask, Shoe & Head Cover05 each
Heavy Duty Pliers01 no
Small Hammer01 no
Crime Scene Protection Barrier Tape Roll 200 Mtr01 no
Crime Scene Protection Barrier Post with Stand06 no
Portable Flasher04 no
Body Bags (Brown / Black)02 no
Chalk & Powder for Marking (White & Yellow)02 Kg
Crime Scene Marking Spray (Red & Yellow)02 each
Clipboard, Drawing Sheets (Pack of 20)01 each
Set of Drawing Instruments01 no
Contents of Kit
S.NoItem Description
Crime Scene Sketch Template01 no
Scissor with plastic handle, two sizes02 no
Lock & Adhesive Paper Seal (100 Pieces each)04 Sets
Swiss Knife (21 Blade)01
Evidence Flags (Set of 10)02 Sets
Evidence Numbers 1 to 10 and A to Z02 Sets
Assorted Evidence Zipper Bags - 3 different sizes04 Set
Evidence collection lifters (having 10 piece each)20 Set
Vials with paper adhesive (100ml & 50 ml vials)50 each
Disposable Latex Gloves20 Pairs
Plastic Container with Cap (assorted sizes)05 Set
Torch (Chargeable) with 3 Volt LED01 no
Measurement Tape (15 Mtr.)01 No
Direction Compass01 No