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Impression Evidence

Casting Electrostatic Putty Silicon

Foot & Tire Print Casting Kit

This kit contains all the supplies you'll need to cast footprints and tire prints as well as other impressions in the dirt, sand, mud and snow. This complete outfit is used for making exact reproductions of footprints and tire prints in mud, sand and dirt. Casting material is finely ground for fast-setting and exact detailed reproduction.

Item Description Specifications
Foot Print FrameAluminum 14” x 6” x 2”
Dirt Hardener200 ml
Flexible Mixing Bowl (dish)Different Sizes 3 Nos
Spatula Steel
Mixing Spoon Steel
Measurement Tape Small
Evidence TagPre Printed (Pack of 50)
Wire Gauge 4” x10” (Pack of 20)
Casting Material2.5 Kg Top Grade
Aerosol SparerPlastic
Water Can 1 Ltr
Silicon SprayOne Bottle
Disposable PipettesPack of 12
Spray to Mark Evidence AreaOne Bottle
Surface BrushNormal
Molding Clay50 gm
Electrostatic Dust Print Lifting Kit

The output voltage of this instrument can be continuously adjusted between 8KV and 30KV. The user can decide the voltage according to the thickness of the dust on the ground. Low voltage should be used when the dust on the ground is thick while high voltage should be used when the dust on the ground is thin. With some related experience accumulated after a period of application, the user can achieve the optimum lifting effect with the options provided by the instrument.

Contents of Kit : Specifications
Electrostatic Dust Mark Lifting Device01 no
Static Discharge Cable 01 no
Film Roll for Lifting Dust Mark 20” wide01 no
Ground Plane, Steel 4”x6”01 no
Ground Plane Insulated Sheet 5”x7”01 no
Heavy Duty Rubber Gloves01 no
Plastic Handle Scissor01 no
Wooden Handle Roller01 no
Set of Photography Rulers (wooden folding, Vinyl, ABFO) 01 pkt
Set of Adhesive Rulers (L Shape Roll, Rigid Photo Evidence Scale)01 set
Molded Case, Customized Carrying Case01 no
Master Foot Print Investigation Kit

Often thought of as a form of evidence nearly as valuable as fingerprints, impression evidence must receive priority handling. Most of the times impression evidence exist in the form of footprints. The obvious place to look for footprint impressions is in the soil at or near the crime scene. This might include dust prints or the impressions made from wet shoes on dry floors. A visual search is made prior to any attempts to locate and collect other forms of physical evidence. When outdoors, protect the area by erecting barriers and posting sentries. If footprint evidence is located and the weather is threatening, it may be necessary to erect a tent or similar shelter in order to protect the evidence.

This is a complete outfit for making exact reproductions of footprints on, mud, sand, dirt and dust. It is excellent for field investigations. Casting material is finely ground for fast-setting and exact detailed reproduction. The kit is complete with application procedures and instructions.

Casting Process

Materials and supplies for casting footprint impressions at the crime scene is for exact reproduction of impression evidence. Resulting casts are rock-hard and require no reinforcement. Use this kit for recovery of impressions found in mud, sand and soil.

Electrostatic Process

One of the most overlooked forms of physical evidence at a crime scene is impression evidence, specifically dust print impressions. Many indoor crime scenes contain varying amounts of dust on different surfaces. That's where the Electrostatic Process of Lifting Foot Print comes in.

Contents of Kit Specifications
Rechargeable Foot Print Search Light
Electrostatic Dust Print Lifting Device
Static Discharge Cable
Film Roll - 20” wide
Ground Plane, Steel 4”x6”
Ground Plane Insulated Sheet 5”x7”
Heavy Duty Rubber Gloves
Plastic Handle Scissor
Wooden Handle Roller
Photographic Folding Scale 2Mtr
Pack of Rigid Photo Adhesive Scales
Evidence Storage Boxes
Foot Print Lifters 6” x 15” (Black)
Foot Print Lifters 6” x 15” (White)
Gel Lifters 13cm x 18cm (Black)
Gel Lifters 13cm x 18cm (White)
Evidence Labels
AccuTrans SILICON Casting

AccuTrans Casting Material has been specially developed for forensic applications. The high tear-resistance and the ideal recovery after deformation of over 99.8% are the keys to a precise impression result. With its special coloring and the homogenous mixing without air inclusions the impression can be viewed with the stereo microscope without unwanted light reflexes. AccuTrans Auto Mix Extruder Gun eliminates manual mixing.

AccuTrans can be used on curved surfaces, and flat, horizontal or vertical planes. When used on vertical planes, a small amount of silicone is needed. This casting silicone can also be used on smooth or rough surfaces, human skin and blood evidence. AccuTrans is a highly-sensitive, DNA-friendly casting material for toolmarks, firearms and lifting latent prints from difficult surfaces. AccuTrans quickly and easily applies casting silicone to a variety of surfaces, including human skin, rough and textured surfaces such as brick, and curved surfaces such as bottle necks.

Here is the next innovation in forensic silicone casting materials from AccuTrans. New pocket-sized 5ml syringe dispenser is easy to carry and simple to store. Minimizes waste and maximizes availability to the personnel who need it. No measuring or mixing required with automix tips. Just remove the cap, place a tip, and squeeze out perfectly mixed silicone. Small sized tubes are perfect for kits, or carrying in pockets while working crime scenes, and are always ready when needed.


10 (5ml) Brown Cast Syringes

10 Plungers

Kit Contents
75ML Brown Casting Cartridge (1)
75ml White Casting Cartridge (1)
75ML Transparent Casting Cartridge (1)
75 Black Casting Cartridge (1)
Mixing Tips(10)
Spreader Tips (6)
Spatulas (10)
Dispensing Gun (1)
Zipper Carry Case

A casting material for forensic use - is manufactured in four different colors

Casting Tool marks:

If you use Brown or Gray MIKROSIL we promise an excellent result. MIKROSIL is designed by a criminalist for criminalists. It has been formulated to give the best rendering of small details, highest contrast for microscopical observations, good releasing and short setting time even in cold weather. These properties are of special importance, in cases of very shallow marks and with small details, requiring large magnification.

Lifting fingerprints and Shoeprints:

The use of White or Black MIKROSIL for this type of evidence can sometimes be the best and outstanding method. All crime scene investigators have had to deal with the situation of trying to lift a latent print from an object with a textured surface or a relief pattern. Usually, a latent print would be lifted with adhesive tape, but on textured surface, the tape does not adhere well. The powdered print will be on the raised parts where the tape adheres well and on the lower parts of the surface where the tape will not make good contact, if any at all. If you use MIKROSIL, White for dark powder and Black for light and fluorescent powder, to lift this type of prints, you will not have any problems - all parts of the print will be lifted.

Even powdered shoeprints can be lifted with MIKROSIL. The picture below shows a comparison of a shoeprint lifted with White MIKROSIL and the suspected shoe.