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Gun Shot Analysis Kit

Gun Shot Analysis Kit

Presumptive, on the spot testing at crime scenes for trace amounts of residues of nitrates on a suspected shooter's hands. Trace detection can give valuable information as to whether or not an individual has recently fired a weapon.

IDenta Gun Powder Particle Test Kit

This is a fast, reliable field test for detection of trace nitrates found in gunpowder. When a weapon is fired, gunpowder is blown back in the direction of the shooter and trace amounts of these residues are deposited on the shooter's firing hand. Developed in a simple-to-use pouch format, it can be deployed without any specialized training or equipment and results appear in seconds. Complete, easy-to-use.

Our Gunpowder Particle Detection Kit provides all of the chemical reagents and supplies required to perform a very sensitive test to detect and visualize the nitrites contained in these minute powder particles

Contents of the Kit: -
Plastic Carrying Case
Gunpowder Detection Reagent A – 10 bottles
Gunpowder Detection Reagent B – 10 vials
Rinse Solution – 1 bottle
Gunpowder Particle Positive Control Strips
Gunpowder Particle Contact Paper
Package of Lifter Sheets
Spray Heads – 2
Kit Instructions
The GSR-AA/SEM(C) is a combination kit.

Quantity: 10 case. The use of this kit allows your crime laboratory to perform a quick screen using AA and then, if warranted, a more definitive analysis by SEM.

Contents of the Kit: -
Tamper-evident, pre-sealed Kit Envelope, 6” x 9”
Step-by-step Kit Instruction Sheet
Gunshot Residue Analysis Information Form
Pair of disposable Plastic Gloves
2” x 3” Ziplock Bag containing 12 cotton-tipped, plastic shaft swabs 3 ml dispenser containing a 5% Nitric Acid Solution /td>
Control Tube and cap
Cartridge Case Tube and cap
Right Back, Right Palm, Left Back and Left Palm Tubes and caps Right Back, Right Palm, Left Back and Left Palm Vials with caps containing SEM stubs covered with double-sided adhesive carbon tape
Tamper-evident Police Evidence Seal for resealing kit after evidence collection