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First Responder Kit

SOC Management

Purpose Solved By Kit

  • Crime Scene Cordoning
  • Crime Scene Marking
  • Finger Print Taking / Recording
  • Crime Scene Drawing
  • Crime Scene Illumination
  • Photography Accessories
  • Evidence Collection & Packing
  • SOC Support Material

Contents of Kit
Crime Scene Cordoning Foldable Plastic Barrier Post with Base Plate04 nos
Crime Scene Do Not Enter” Barrier Tape 75mm x 100 Mtr02 nos
Crime Scene Rechargeable Flasher04 nos
Crime Scene Marking Spray Paint - 350 gm02 nos
Finger Print Taking Inkless Pad 5” x 7”01 no
Clipboard, Drawing Sheets (Pack of 20), Set of Drawing Instruments01 no
Crime Scene Sketch Template01 no
Digital Distance Measuring Device01 no
Measuring Tape 5Mtr01 no
Direction Compass01 no
Crime Scene Evidence Marking Flags - Set of 1001 no
Chain of Custody Labels - Pack of 2401 no
Roll of Crime Evidence Labels - Roll of 2401 no
Pre Printed Paper Evidence Envelopes - Assorted Pack of 2401 no
Pre Printed Kraft Evidence Bags - Assorted Pack of 1201 no
Pre Printed Write Block Evidence Zip Lock Bags - Assorted Pack of 2401 no
Pre Printed Write Block Leak Proof Evidence Bags - Assorted Pack of 2401 no
Pack of Biohazard Labels & Bags (12 Each)01 no
Evidence Containers06 nos
Plastic Evidence Jars with cap - Plain & Amber04 each
Fire Tins for Bullets (two sizes)06 nos
Evidence Box - Assorted Size Pack of 1001 pack
Roll of Evidence Sealing Tape01 no
Book of Transfer Numbers01 no
Set of Packing Cloth, Thread, Needle & Sealing Wax01 no
Small Battery Operated UV Light01 no
Small Blue LED Torch01 no
Rechargeable Torch - White Cree LED01 no
Wooden Folding Scale01 no
Rigid Photo Scales - Black, White & Grey - 10 each01 pack
Adhesive L-Shape Scale - Roll of 2401 no
Vinyl Ruler 6” Set of Black, White, Grey & Transparent01 set
Multi Function Tool - 21 Functions01 no
Magnifier Illuminated Round White LED01 no
Vernier Gauge - Digital01 no
Scissors, Tweezer, Scalpel01 each
Magnet Pick Tool01 no
Small File01 no
Probe with Paint Chip Cutter01 no
Glass Cutter01 no
Gloves - Rubber & Cotton02 each
Latex Gloves05 pairs
Dust Mask, Shoe Cover & Head Covers10 each
Ratchet Screwdriver with Assorted Heads01 no
Electric Test Master Screwdriver01 no
Junior Hacksaw01 no
Heavy Duty Pliers01 no
Wire Cutter01 no
Laser Light Pen01 no
Set of Permanent Markers Pens - Four Colour01 no
Molded Jumbo Trolley Type Carrying Case01 no
Aluminum Briefcase Type Carrying Case01 no
Flexible Back Pack Bag01 no
SPOT Test Kit

Purpose Solved By Kit

  • Finger Print Investigation Material
  • Blood / Murder Investigation Material
  • Semen / Rape or Sexual Assault Investigation Material
  • Impression Evidence Investigation Material
  • Narcotic Suspect Substance Investigation Material
  • Explosive Suspect Substance Investigation Material
  • Gun Shot & Bullet Hole Investigation Material

Contents of Kit
Palm & Finger Print Taking Inkless Pad 7.5” x 5.75 x .75”01 no
Finger Print Search Slips (Customized - Pack of 50)01 no
Finger Print Normal Powders (Black, White & Silver Grey)50 gm each
Finger Print Fluorescent Powders (Orange, Green & Yellow)50 gm each
Finger Print Magnetic Powders (Black, Silver Grey & Dual Use)50 gm each
Finger Print Fluorescent Magnetic Powders (Orange &Yellow)50 gm each
Finger Print Feather Brushes (Marabou White, Marabou Black & Ostrich)02 each
Finger Print Magnetic Applicator (Retractable & Multi Sleeve)01 each
Finger Print Lifting Tape 1”x360”, 2” x 360” & 4”x360”01 each
Finger Print Lifters (Black, White & Transparent) 5cm x 10 cm24 each
Finger Print Backing Cards (Black & White)24 each
Finger Print Gel Lifters10 each
Latent Iodine Print Process with Fixative01 set
Blood Stain Detection Tablets & Blood Origin Determination Strips04 each
Semen Stain Detection AP Test Cards04 nos
General Screening Explosive Detector04 nos
General Screening Narcotic Detector04 nos
Bullet Hole Detectors (Lead & Copper)04 nos
Gun Shot Residue Analysis Detector04 nos
Impression Evidence Casting Silicone Material02 nos
Aluminum Briefcase Type Carrying Case01 no