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Roller, Ink and Slab - Inked Strips - Inkless Pads - Card Holder and Search Slips


Our Fingerprinting Products are designed to meet most demanding requirements of fingerprint experts. From ideal ink, roller, slab to our superb inkless pads manufactured under most stringent quality and performance standards.

Fingerprinting Rollers

Constructed specifically for use in taking rolled fingerprints, our standard fingerprint rollers have a heavy duty steel frame and a firm acrylic handle. Rollers are of medium-soft composition, ensuring an even distribution of ink. Use with our ink for a fast, efficient and clean fingerprinting outfit. Repeated cleaning with solvents will not damage this roller. It is specifically designed to ergonmically maintain maximum comfort and balance for the operator who is tirelessly preparing for inked impressions with minimal effort. Fingerprinting rollers are also available in sturdy plastic body frame. Both frame designs prevents the rollers from touching the inking table when not in use.

Available in : 2”, 4”
Fingerprinting Ink

Do not downplay the role of fingerprinting ink. We are using the best black ink as complimented by most of the finger print expert all over INDIA, to be as black as coal and glide like velvet. Its quick-dry formula provides excellent ridge detail. This ink paste is quick drying on fingerprint cards, but not on the ink slab. It is not affected by extreme temperature changes. Using ink to roll fingerprints is very economical, and one tube of ink will produce many hundreds of rolled fingerprints. Our ink is specially made paste-ink for use with our rollers and slabs. Now also available in easy to use Jar packing.

Available in : 50gm tube, 100 gm tube and 50gm Jar, 100 gm Jar
Fingerprinting Slabs

Our slabs are ideal surfaces for rolling out smooth and even coats of ink. Made of steel / glass neatly, mounted models are tightly fixed on wood base. This high quality, super smooth inking slabs provide optimum versatility and portability. Slabs are also available with non skid rubber feet.

Available In:
Steel4”x10” & 5”x12”
Steel Wood Mounted 4”x10” & 5”x12”
Glass 2”x3”, 4”x10” & 5”x12”
Glass Wood Mounted 4”x10” & 5”x12”
Disposable Ink Strips

Inking foils are two pieces of plastic film coated with a thin layer of fingerprint ink. The two foils are pressed together with the inked faces touching. To use, just peel the plastic sheet apart, roll the fingers on the foils. Close the foils to smooth and redistribute the ink. A find, thin layer of jet black fingerprint ink is transferred to the fingers. The fingers can then be folled on a standard fingerprint card with clean, sharp prints as the result. They’re an ideal choice for recording elimination prints at the crime scene.

Fingerprinting Inkless Round Pad

We have engineered premium inkless inkpads. These inkpads replace all other fingerprint pads on the market including the roller, slab, ink and strip method. Simply touch your finger on the surface of the pad, and then roll the print for a jet-black, crisp clear image that instantly dries. Rub your fingers together... and poof! the ink wipes off. These pads are ideal choice for single digit fingerprinting like during examinations.
Available in 2” diameter size.

Fingerprinting Inkless Rectangular Pad

Print Capacity Minimum 18,000 Imprints Per Pad

Micro reticulated thermoplastic pad Non toxic, non messy formula & harmless to skin. Makes a crisp, clear imprint, never smear, dries instantly.

Fast, Perfect & High Contrast Impression Permanent black prints Best for scanning into AFIS.

Light Weight & easy to handle

Palm Print Pad

Minimum 22,000 Imprints Per Pad

Micro reticulated thermoplastic pad Non toxic, non messy formula & harmless to skin. Makes a crisp, clear imprint, never smear, dries instantly Leaves a little ink on the fingers tips & does not dry out if pad is left open.

Fast, Perfect & High Contrast Impression Permanent black prints Best for scanning into AFIS.


Cadaver Finger Print Record Slip Pad

These 8” x 11/16" Postmortem Fingerprint Record Cards are specifically designed for use with our cadaver spoon. Our cards are printed in black on thick card sheet, which quickly absorbs fingerprint ink without smudging or smearing.

Cadaver Finger Straightener

This postmortem tool of ours is specially designed to straighten clenched fingers of the deceased. Each of tool feature different sized hole openings to accommodate different finger sizes. Tools are made of steel.

Cadaver Finger Print Spoon

Our postmortem record strip holder (cadaver spoon) is made to hold up to 2 inch card strips for successful fingerprinting of the deceased. Designed specifically, it greatly simplify the task of inking immobilized fingers. They permit rapid, efficient and uniform finger inking. A rugged, nickeloid finish assures years of service.
Available in: Plastic Model, Steel Model

Finger Print Elimination Pad

Each pad contains 20 / 50 / 100 elimination print cards which measure 7" x 33/8". Each card is printed on the backside with case number, date, and all pertinent information concerning the subject being fingerprinted.

Finger Print Search Slips

Each pad contains 20 / 50 / 100 fingerprint slips, which measure 210mmx297mm / A4 size. This product can be customised as per end user’s need.

Card Holder

Built exceptionally strong and rigid, our fingerprint cardholder is made of a sturdy, high-grade, non-skid fabric / metal / wood. No more smeared prints as the cards are held firmly in place. Cardholder is available in three models. We can also include screws for permanent mounting to a desk or counter top.

Available in:Economy Model with Metal Base 8" x 3.5"
Plastic Injection molded material 10" x 3 7/8" x 1"

Finger Print Ink Cleaners

Ideal for field and office use, these towelettes are individual, disposable ink-cleaning towels, saturated with ink solvent. If you are using ink roller slab method to record fingerprints this wipe is must to wipe off ink stains.

Available in:Ink Cleaning Wipes Pack of Ten (10)"

Ridge Enhancer

Our unique ridge builder solution brings excellent definition and clarity to fingerprint ridge structures. It makes possible to obtain legible fingerprints from brick masons, agricultural workers, the elderly, or anyone else who has poor fingerprint ridge structure. This product will help increase the number of successful latent print searches and subsequent comparisons by ensuring better initial fingerprint recordings. Available in two forms: liquid and disposable tissues. Apply liquid with a cotton swab or wipe disposable pad on fingers before fingerprinting.

Available in:Ridge Builder Solution 100 ml / 200 ml