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Explosive Detection Kit

Explosive Detection Kit

The most accurate easy-to-use explosive identification kit on the professional market.

IDenta Alert allows you to accurately identify suspected illegal substances safe, quickly and easily. IDenta Alert series is te ideal tool for the law enforcement community. Using advanced, chemical technology, with fast and accurate results, IDenta Alert can help to detect explosives.

Key product features of IDenta's new explosive detectors include:

  • 1. The methodology provides a very safe testing method that will pose no danger at all to the user.
  • 2. The detectors are able to detect the full range of the well-known types of military, commercial and the homemade explosives including:
  • 3. Identa's new TATP/HMTD detector has consistently tested showing No False-Positives. The only novel reliable and stable kit for TATP on the market.
  • 4. The detectors have at least two years period of chemical stability.
  • 5. Durable, easy to use, self-contained plastic packaging will enable the products to be used in a wide-variety of field operations including in the field military operations as well as civilian applications.
  • 6. The products are also expected to be very competitively priced.
  • 7. High sensitivity to detect small amount.
  • 8. The only kit that detects Urea Nitrate and Ammonium Nitrate