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DNA / Sexual Assault Evidence Kit

DNA / Sexual Assault Evidence Kit

This special kit can be used by various law enforcement agencies, this victim or sexual assault evidence collection kit developed to provide consistent, thorough evidence in case of suspect sexual assault they are available with forensic medico tools as well as FTA cards.

FTA cards provide stable, long term room temperature DNA storage with easy release using a simple method

Contents of the Kit: -
Mini FTA Cards (2 Source)25 nos
Swabs with protected cover10 no
Nitrile Gloves05 pair
Masks01 no
EDTA vials02 nos
Urine vials01 no
Paper Bags (Big & Small)10 nos each
Small paper Envelops10 nos
Cotton gauze01 nos
Cotton Balls08 nos
Marker01 nos
Wooden Nail Scrubber01 nos
Scissor01 nos
Plastic Tweezers02 nos
Glass Slide With protected cover02 nos
Distilled Water 10 ml01 no
Chain of Custody Labels01 nos
Pubic/ Hair Combs02 nos
Soft Brush01 no
Syringe 02 ml02nos
Syringe 05 ml05nos
Wooden Spatula08 nos
Anal Speculum (For juvenile and Adults)02 nos
Vaginal Speculum (For juvenile and Adults)02 nos
Sterile swabs100 nos
Swab Drying Rack02 nos