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Bullet Trajectory Kit

Bullet Trajectory Kit

Laser projection is an accurate method used to assist in determining projectile trajectories at crime scenes. When attached to a penetration rod which has been inserted into a bullet hole, the laser beam can help determine the direction and angle of the source or direction and angle of the projectile exit and possible impact sites.

This Bullet Trajectory kit is designed to aid the investigating officers in determining the point of origin from where the weapon was fired.

Contents of the Kit: -
1Half Protector
1Full Protector
1Colored String
1Colored String Dispenser
1 Ballistic Angle Finder
1 Mitering Gauze
1 Tape Measure
1 ABFO Scale
1 Digital Inclinometer
1 Bubble Level Built In
1 Masking Tape
1Multi Utility 21 Function Tool
1 Trajectory Rods
1 Centering Cones
1 Tripod
1 Digital Vernier Caliper
1 Masking Tape
1 Plumb Bob and Line
1 Adhesive Rulers
1 Marking Pen
2 Laser Pointer (Red, Green)
1Right Angle
1Carrying Case