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Bullet Hole Testing Kit

Bullet Hole Testing Kit

The identification of bullet holes and of marks produced by projectiles may be very important in the investigation of criminal cases involving the use of firearms. Such bullet-holes are usually characterized by the presence of metals (mainly lead and copper), originat in margins of these from the bullet's outer surfacehole alone can oftens, in the holes. The morphology of the lead to erroneous Results.

The BTK, with its sensitive, simple, rapid, precise and reliable operation, revolutionizes the field task of scene of crime units in the identification of bullet holes. BTK enables simple, rapid and reliable identification of suspected bullet holes in the field.


  • The BTK is safe for the operator, as there is no direct contact with the chemicals used in the test.
  • All of the test reagents are contained within glass ampoules in specially designed protective plastic tubes.
  • The test is performed by applying a few drops of reagents on Benchkote paper (plastic-backed filterpaper).


  • The compactness, portability and self-sufficiency of the kit assures convenient transport and can be employed anywhere under a wide range of conditions.
  • Weight – 1030 gr. (41.2 oz.)
  • Width - 266 mm (10.4")
  • Length - 336 mm (13.1")
  • Height – 85 mm (3.33")

Shield Life

  • The reagents in the kit form are stable for a long period of time (guaranteed for three years).
  • Proven Experience

  • BTK – has been successfully used by the various police departments worldwide.