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Blood Detection Kit

Bluestar Forensic - Identa - Forensic Tablets - Forensic Magnum

Blood Detection Kit

All stains suspected of being blood should be chemically checked in the field, especially when their nature is doubtful. Field test of dried stains at the crime scene are often essential in locating and making preliminary presumptive of blood.
This kit contains all the essential equipment for blood testing in any field investigation situation. It has the advantage that it contains all conventional and modern methods material. All the necessary support equipment is included. The kit and accessory equipment are also suitable for laboratory use. Through the use of this kit, the field investigator can prove the presence or absence of blood. And also determine whether the blood detected is of human or not.

Contents of the Kit: -
Disposable Pipette with 3 ml Bulb 12 nos
Contact Filter Papers 1” X 2”, 100 nos 10 pkt
Whatman Filter Paper No 1, Size 125mm Disc 01 pkt
Blood Stain Detection Reagent Set (Benzidine Process)01 Set
Blood Stain Detection Tablets - (Bluestar)24 nos
Blood Origin Identification Strip (Hexagon OBTI) 24 nos
Blood Stain Evidence Template (pack of 24)01 pack
Bottle of Distilled water 125 ml in Aerosol Sprayer 04 nos
Blood Collection EDTA Tubes10 nos
Glass Vials10 nos
Cotton Balls01 pkt
Cotton Gauze Small Roll 04 pkt
Pricking Needles, 100 nos01 pkt
Microscopic Plain Glass Slides01 pkt
VDRL Slide, 3 Cavity 10 nos
Watchglass, 3” Dia, 20 nos01 pkt
Scissors - Stainless Steel, 6”01 no
Forceps - Stainless Steel, 6”01 no
Spatula - Stainless Steel, 6”01 no
Latex Gloves 05 pairs
Nitrile Gloves 05 pairs
Cotton Gloves02 pairs
Rubber Hand Gloves01 pairs
Evidence Identification labels, “Crime Evidence”50 nos
Plastic Molded Customized Carrying Case 01 no
Bluestar® Forensic Tablets

Use this more cost-effective form of Bluestar® for training purposes only. This version of Bluestar® will react the same as the regular version. However, it will affect DNA. This product offers an economical way to train users without depleting the more costly fully active Bluestar® formula.

Bluestar® Forensic Tablets (DNA Safe)

Choose between four pairs or eight pairs of individually sealed tablets. Each packet contains one reagent tablet and one catalyst tablet. Dissolve both tablets in distilled water and spray with a fine mist atomizer. Each pair will produce 125ml (4 oz) of solution. Eight pairs will produce l liter (32 oz).

Bluestar® Forensic Magnum

Bluestar® Forensic Magnum is three times more powerful than the standard version. This formulation is designed for use in critical cases where minute traces of blood are sought. Even with its increased sensitivity and greater luminosity, the formula does not destroy DNA. Contains 125 ml (4 oz) of chemiluminescent solution, and one foil pack containing 3 tablets of oxidizer .This kit is ideal for use in crime scene investigations seeking to ascertain the presence of blood. The ready-to-use components consist of a 500ml (16 oz) hermetically-sealed bottle of chemiluminescent reagent, a fine mist atomizer, 3 catalyst tablets, and a user's manual.

Bluestar® Forensic Kit

The kit is ideal for use in crime scene investigations seeking to ascertain the presence of blood. The ready-to-use components consist of a 500 ml(16 oz) hermetically sealed bottle of chemilluminescent reagent, a fine mist atomizer, 3 catalyst tablets and a user's manual.

Bluestar® Forensic Mini Kit

The mini kit is ideal for use in quick searches and small areas. It is ready to use with 2 125ml (4 oz) bottles of distilled water complete with vaporizer tops, and two pairs of Bluestar® Forensic tablets.

Hexagon OBTI

Immunochromatographic test for confirming the presence of human blood traces.

Screen for presence of human blood within 2 to 3 minutes. A two-part test consisting of a liquid-filled collection tube and a test strip denies or confirms the presence of human blood by a display of one or two blue lines.