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Arson Investigation Kit

Arson Investigation Kit

Conveniently packaged in a heavy-duty metal box, this complete tool kit provides essential support for arson investigation crime scenes. Power and/or manual drilling, cutting and chiseling tools allow for the extrication of even the most difficult to obtain evidence. Protective gloves and disposable clothing are also included.

Combustible hydrocarbon / gas detector, used for detecting most combustible gas or vapors at suspected arson and fire scenes. It detects Acetylene, Methyl Chloride, Iso-butane, Hydro-sulfide, Acetone, Ethane, Methanol, Propane, Ammonia, Ethylene, Gasoline, Hydrogen, Chlorine, Methyl Ether, Vinyl Chloride.

Arson Investigation Kit
Hydro Carbon Detector01 No
Heavy-Duty Sledge - Mallet01 No
Hammerhead Hatchet01 No
Collapsible - Folding Steel Shovel01 No
Heavy-Duty Rubber Gloves, Pair 01 No
Pair of Safety Goggles 01 No
Disposable Jumpsuits01 No
5" Wire Cutter Pliers01 No
8" Scraper/Putty Knife01 No
11" Screwdriver 01 No
7" Screwdriver01 No
8" Phillips Screwdriver 01 No
Claw Hammer01 No
Small All-Purpose Hack Saw01 No
Rechargeable Drill machine with assorted bits01 No
Heavy-Duty Masonry Chisel01 No
Wood Chisel01 No
6" Regular Pliers01 No
Blade Trowel01 No
Metal Tray, Heavy Duty Carrying Case01 No